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Gir Cow Preservation

Gir cow is humped breed native to India. It is known for its adaptability and milk production. This breed is pure and is one of the oldest found in India.
Gircows are considered to pee gold, and the urine has medicinal qualities, Researchers have found gold in urine for over 400 samples were tested. In Australia Gir Cows are classified as rare breeds. At our village we take care of 5 Gir cows and have plans to breed more.

Save Soil Initiative

The organic content of our soil is diminishing. Through the save soil initiative we aim to conserve the health of the soil.

Dairy Farming

Through dairy farming, the aim is to promote organic living by providing pure, organic and highly nutritious A2 milk. This is unlike commercial production of milk. Th calf gets the cows milk and only left over is made available.

Preserving Ancient Culture

Ancient indian culture and traditions have scientific roots. By preserving our heritage, we can benefit from the ancient menthod of living and healing and promoting health and well being in our present. By creating awareness, story telling, discussions, promoting Indian art and craft, we aim to expand and promote our heritage.