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Welcome to Gautam Vedic Village

We welcome you to the journey of life. A journey where you experience the natural way of living, conserving, preserving, connecting and healing.

Vedic Farming

Vedic farming is based on 100% organic and natural materials. The core of Vedic farming is to become self-sufficient. A portion of land to grow food and a few cows can help us meet the basic necessities of life. Improving soil quality is the essence of Vedic farming, and cowsplay an essential role in helping replenish the soil by providing cow dung rich in organic matter and useful microorganism.

Organic Living

Organic living focuses on a natural lifestyle. From growing organic and chemical-free food to cooking and eating guided by Ayurveda, we can ensure that food gives us good health and well-being.

Yogic Healing

The yogic way of living is living with consciousness. Starting from our thoughts to our actions, when we live consciously, we maximise our potential. We are able to balance our mind, body and spirit, and once this balance is achieved, we rise and heal ourselves.


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